Customers expect the familiar warm and musky flavor and scent from nutmeg. We strive to provide nutmeg essential oils and oleoresins that exceed customer expectations for quality, purity and traceability. Products available in 1 kg (aluminum can), 5 kg (aluminum can), 25 kg (aluminum can) and 200 kg (drum) sizes.

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nutmeg essential oil

Nutmeg Essential Oil

Myristica fragrans

The sweet, musky and warm aroma profile makes nutmeg a popular essential oil. Nutmeg essential oil contains powerful monoterpenes, known to reduce oxidative stress for the nutraceutical, cosmetic and functional foods markets.

  • 100% pure nutmeg oil
  • 100% organic and traceable from Sri Lankan farms
  • Highly concentrated formula
nutmeg oleoresin

Nutmeg Oleoresin

Myristica fragrans

The sweet delicate flavor of nutmeg oleoresin is a warm flavor that works well in creamy custards, cookies and spice cakes, as well as cream soups. The oleoresin is used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and botanical formulations for healthy pain management and
digestive health support.

  • 100% natural Ceylon nutmeg oleoresin
  • 100% traceable from small Sri Lankan farms
  • Warming aroma and pleasant baking spice flavor
  • Solvent extraction


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100% Organic Essential Oils
Crafted with Certified Good Manufacturing Processes
We Promise Purity & Traceability for Every Drop

Sourced from Sri Lankan Farms, Only
100% Purity & the Highest Quality, Always
Never Blended, Never Diluted, Ever

ceylon nutmeg

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