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Gayani Jayathilake

Gayani takes care of business transactions on behalf of the organization, as well as company performance reports to management, and financial statements to shareholders, board of directors and other stakeholders. As a customer, you would engage with Gayani’s team for quotes and invoices.

Gayani is proud to work for a genuine company that promotes authentic Sri Lankan high-quality essential oils and oleoresins to global market. “The staff is helpful and friendly and we are guided by trustworthy leaders who encourage us to improve our professional development,” says Gayani.

If you came here, Guyani would show you a favorite animal, the elephant and the national tree of Sri Lanka, the Naa tree and its white fragrant flowers used to make herbal ingredients. Then, you would go to Anurdhapura, an ancient city that is very famous among Buddhists pilgrims, and served as an early capital and home to most of the Kings who ruled Ceylon. The city is now named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. During free time, Guyani loves to play the keyboard, listen to classical music and read local award- winning books.